Opening Showroom Bruges


Movendi now also in the Heart of Bruges

Movendi Dusseldorf – a well respected name for many years by all generations of friends in the exciting world of classic cars.                                                                                                                       The pleasure of company was requested last weekend in Belgium.

Mr. Bernhard Kerkloh, managing director of Movendi Dusseldorf, celebrated the opening of  Movendi Bruges. The new project in Belgium will be under the management of Mrs. Sandra Kowalski. Movendi proudly presented its collection in a private atmosphere of a historical listed building.

Professional purchase advice, interesting conversations among like-minded car friends and in the centre focus – their finest cars.

Legendary and very exclusive car models were shown and it was a very well mix between very sportive, elegant chic and very spartanic cars. There was a good choice and taste for everyone.

Sandra Kowalski will be in charge mainly for the Belgian, Dutch and French market but also together with Bernhard Kerkloh responsible for the German and English market. The German lady made her passion for classic cars now from a hobby to a profession. Sandra, with petrol in her blood, is known for her love for pre-war cars and her interest in rallies. By her spoken languages as English, French, Dutch and of course, German, she is able to welcome any international client in her new business.

Movendi’s concept was to establish a showroom only for very exclusive top class cars. The cars are going to be presented in a private place. The intention is to sell and buy cars in a very discrete way. Discretion and exclusivity stands for the two on first place. Confidentiality for the buyer and also for the seller.  All visits in Bruges are by appointment only.      

Friday night on October 19 Movendi had the pleasure to give the pre-opening in Bruges for its international guests. The official opening was represented by the Automobile of Monaco, with welcoming words by Mr. Gery Mestre.                                                                                                           Mr. Mestre introduced the company Movendi to the international guests and audience with very warm and kind words.  The guests were with charmed by the fabulous collection, finest drinks and gourmet dinner. The setting of that evening was breathtaking and very well thought into the very last detail. 

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